Our Services

We like to think of ourselves as jack-of-all-trades in the building industry. Our company provides a whole service building package for our customers:

An interior decorator to help choose everything from bed knobs to broomsticks. Make that door knobs and plumbing fixtures.

An on-staff draftsmen to draw the home of your dreams, whether that home is a castle or a cave. He can really work wonders!

A thorough energy audit of home is conducted before it is even built, to ensure you're getting the efficiency you bargained for. Energy does not escape a Denim Homes house!

Then, we build the home from the ground up. Leave it to us, and 4.5-5 months later (if not sooner!) we hand you the keys, and you move in. Just like that. 

If you can't find land to build on initially, we'll even try to help you find the perfect lot!

We try to make your biggest financial purchase as easy as possible, with few surprises.